Our office is now able to resume care but things will look a little different. We will be practicing with reduced hours 10-4PM Monday to Friday and whenever possible, we will use telemedicine.

We want to stress that the safety of our staff and our patients is TOP priority. We have a number of precautions in place and will be screening all patients who enter the clinic. We ask at this time that you only enter the clinic if you have an appointment.

If you are unsure if what you're experiencing is an emergency, please email us with your symptoms and one of our doctors will get back to you.

Please reach out to us via email or phone if you have any questions. We thank you for supporting us at this uncertain time and look forward to serving our community in a safe manner.

Dr. Dhillon, Dr. Martindale and Staff



  • Blue Blocking Lenses

    Our main source of blue light is sunlight. However, the fact that many of us spend hours viewing LED screens and other devices that emit blue light are on the rise. Much of the blue light emitted from man-made devices can contribute to cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, eyestrain, and sleep problems. The eye health industry has created a blue blocker filter that can be applied to glasses, without affecting the visibility.

  • Progressives

    The more modern bifocal is referred to as the no-line bifocal. These lenses have a smooth transition from distance to intermediate to near. We often say progressives provide a channel of clarity, or a sweet spot for each working distance. Within progressives, we can choose different designs depending on what you may use them for, i.e. everyday wear vs task specific.

  • Custom and Personalized
    Free-Form Design Progressives

    These revolutionary lenses eliminate the “swimming” and “swaying” sensations so common with ordinary progressive lenses. For the first time ever, wearers experience wide, disturbance-free vision at all distances.

  • Bifocals and Trifocals

    Bifocals are glasses that have both a correction for your distance vision on the top of the lens and a correction on the bottom. This particular style has a horizontal line across the lens separating distance from reading. The first bifocal was invented by Benjamin Franklin, the same person who discovered electricity!

  • Anti-Fatigue Lenses

    Anti-fatigue lenses are designed to relax our focusing system. This is particularly important for individuals who spend a lot of time working up close, whether for work or academics. With the increase in the amount of reading that occurs on tablets and cellphones, we fit a lot of our pre-presbyopic patients in this style of lens. If you are suffering from eye strain and fatigue, ask if these lenses are right for you!

  • Office Lenses / Indoor Progressives

    These lenses are true “indoor” extended focus progressives designed for computer users and patients who perform visually intensive work or hobbies. These lenses relieve computer eyestrain, headaches and blurred vision – symptoms that are prevalent among those who suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), or Visual Fatigue Syndrome (VFS).

  • EyEnvy Conditioner

    Our office now carries the EyEnvy serum. This is a safe alternative to lash extensions, while still showing off your natural thick lashes! This serum is applied every morning, and helps improve length, fullness, and thickness. It’s safe to use if you have sensitive skin, and even if you wear contacts. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask one of our Doctors!

  • FL-41 Tinted Lenses & migraines

    This is a specially designed rose coloured lens that blocks the light known to trigger
    migraines. This is a more natural remedy for individuals who suffer from migraines and
    extensive light sensitivity. This particular filter makes a big difference for those affected by
    florescent lights and sunlight. Research has also suggested that on average the FL-41 lenses
    can reduce migraines up to 35%.

  • Cliradex Light Foam

    Cliradex foam can be used in the treatment of blepharitis for lasting relief. This is a natural,
    preservative free lash cleanser that is safe and easy to use on a daily basis. Cliradex Light is
    ideal for mild-to- moderate blepharitis symptoms and is perfect for maintenance to prevent
    future outbreaks. We also have Cliradex wipes in a slightly more concentrated form for
    individuals with moderate-severe blepharitis.

  • Bruder Eye Hydrating Mask

    The Bruder mask contains a patented Medi-Bead technology. This allows water molecules
    to be continuously absorbed from the air and stored in the beads and released when the
    mask is heated. This is great treatment option for patient who suffers from dry eyes,
    blepharitis, styes, and chalazions.

  • I-Drop Pur

    Most individuals with dry eye will be recommended an artificial tear as a part of their dry
    eye therapy. I-Drop Pur comes in a preservative free bottle and its visco-adaptive solution
    provides instant long lasting relief. It also comes in two different viscosities depending on
    your severity of dry eye.

  • Macula 2 Essentials (AREDS 2 Plus)

    Macula 2 Essentials is an oral supplement developed to maintain the health of the eye. It
    has been formulated based on the AREDS 2 study to delay the progression of age related
    macular degeneration and cataracts. It is preservative-free and approved by health Canada
    to be used as a daily multivitamin. Recommended dosage for adults is 2 capsules daily for
    patients with age related macular degeneration and 1 capsule per day for patients looking
    for a daily vitamin.