Find the perfect pair of glasses for your prescriptions needs and style!

At Downtown Victoria Optometry, we work with many different local labs to ensure we offer the highest lens technology, and keep our frame boards up-to-date with current frame trends and styles. Our experienced opticians can answer any questions you may have about your prescriptions lenses and can be a great source to help you find your next frame!

What type of lenses are you looking for?

Additional Lens Add-ons

FL-41 Tinted

This is a specially designed rose coloured lens that blocks the light known to trigger migraines. This is a more natural remedy for individuals who suffer from migraines and extensive light sensitivity, especially to fluorescent light. Plus, our clinic is one of the only locations that specializes in FL-41 tinting in store!

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are great if you find yourself outdoors a lot. Better than just regular tinted sunglass lenses, polarized lenses are designed to cut even more glare out and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. The polarized layer inside has recently been updated to include more colors!

Blue Blocking Lenses

Our main source of blue light is sunlight. However, the fact that many of us spend hours viewing LED screens and other devices that emit blue light are on the rise. Much of the blue light emitted from man-made devices can contribute to eyestrain, sleep problems, and dry eye.