Eye Health

What are some common eye health problems and treatments?

Products we sell in our clinic

Dry Eye Mask

This mask contains patented Medi-Bead technology that allows water molecules to be continuously absorbed from the air and stored in the beads and released when the mask is heated. This is a great treatment option for patients who suffer from dry eyes, blepharitis, styles, and chalazions.

Macula 2 Essentials

Macula 2 Essentials is an oral supplement developed to support the health of the eye. It has been formulated based on the AREDS 2 study to slow the progression of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

Vision Essence Zinc

Dispensed only by Eye care experts, these vitamins are zinc-free and contain important supplements to maintain vision care. Ask our optometrists which eye vitamins are right for you.

EyEnvy Conditioner

Our office now carries the EyEnvy serum. This is a safe alternative to lash extensions, while still showing off your natural thick lashes! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask one of our Doctors!

I-Drop Pur

Most individuals with dry eyes will be recommended an artificial tear as a part of their dry eye therapy. I-Drop Pur comes in a preservative free bottle as well.

I-LID ‘N Lash Plus

These wipes cleanse and remove ocular debris and when used regularly maintain healthy lid and lashes for those with ocular rosacea and/or demodex.