Contact Lenses

Looking for an alternative to glasses?

Contact lenses have only grown in popularity as they improve in both technology and comfort. However, contact prescriptions are different from your glasses prescription; getting properly fitted by an optometrist is very important for comfort and safety.

What is a Contact Lens fitting?

In addition to a complete eye exam you can be fitting for contact lenses. The prescription is often different from your glasses prescription. Contacts also come in all different shapes, sized and lens materials. This is why it is important to see your Optometrist when looking to begin wearing contacts or to update your contact lens prescription

What are the various types of contacts?

Here’s a quick explanation

  • Dailies – The thinnest lens for comfort; these lenses are only meant to be worn for one day then disposed of.
  • Monthly – These lenses are thicker as they can be worn for an entire month then disposed of. These lenses have to be cleaned every day and most have to be taken out before bed.
  • Toric – These contact lenses correct for those that have astigmatism in their regular prescriptions.
  • Multifocal – With a reading power in the contact, these lenses are the pro gressive of contacts that have your distance and reading power included.